Our Feature Films!

Tread This Fantasy

Things aren’t always what they seem as Lucretia Hamlin tries to save herself from a dark path.

Darkness Has Covered My Light

Tragedy struck Savannah Holloway and she has never been able to recover from it.  Now she finally moves forward, going back to her passion of singing and meeting the wrong people who drive her to self destruction.

The Barlow House

A married couple buys their dream house, or so they thought. A powerful spirit force, foreign even to the paranormal experts that are hired, turns this dream into a nightmare in a hurry.

Victims of Fun

Derrick has killed himself and explains the reasoning behind what lead to his demise, his life with his friends Saul, Chuck and Ben as well as his relationship with his girlfriend Signe.

Our Future Films!

Until the End of Time

The sole survivor of a mass murder spent his life looking for a way to change history and solve the mystery of what happened that night, now he has his chance to save his friends and the woman he loved.

until the end of time

Measure of Devotion